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CASE STUDY: Using animated video to bring your brand to life!

CASE STUDY: Using animated video to bring your brand to life!
March 21, 2022 Brendan Farrugia
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There are many reasons your business might consider creating an animated video. It can help to explain and educate, to entertain and engage, or, in this case, it can help bring a brand to life.

Businessary’s animated video – a case study

Razor Video Brochures and Businessary have partnered up to support each other on many projects over the years. Businessary provides HR, business advisory, talent and marketing services for a wide variety of clients and industries, and relies on Razor to provide video brochures or video production whenever the need arises (which turns out to be relatively often!)

So after a recent brand refresh, it made perfect sense that Businessary would again trust Razor to help bring the new brand to life.

The benefits of using animated video

You can learn more about our animated video service here, and here are just a few reasons why businesses like yours might consider using this type of platform:

  • Effectiveness – animated videos are a much richer format than your average video, helping you to stand out from the noise.
  • Cost – creating an animated video isn’t cheap, but it can often save you money if you don’t need to send a videographer to multiple locations and do many takes and much editing.
  • Durability – animated videos don’t face the risk of showing team members that may no longer work for your business, or outfits that can start to look dated.

These are just a few reasons, but for Businessary particularly the animated video style made sense and really lent itself to the look and feel of their brand – the little house that delivers big.

The results

Razor and Businessary collaborated heavily on this project to storyboard exactly what to highlight, and then Razor’s team of experts went to work to make it happen. The result? Two very pleased businesses, thousands of views (and counting) and several new business leads for both businesses! Now this is partnership done to perfection.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – see for yourself!

Businessary’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Melissa Montang, said “Honestly, like most businesses, our own marketing is often left til last while we look after clients. We finally decided to put our money where our mouth is and invest in our brand and this video provides such an easy way to communicate what we’re about. We’re delighted! Big thanks to Razor for helping us with the animated video, it has also provided a great example to show clients what’s possible.”

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