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How to make a great video for your business

How to make a great video for your business
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Top 10 tips on how to make a great video for your business.

Pre production for good business video

  1. Visit you tube and search key words in your industry for some inspiration or clarity on how to create the best film in your industry.
  1. List your businesses strengths and/ or brand pillars and be clear on what benefits you offer the customer and how you differ to your competition.
  1. Think about what visuals or people can best tell your story. Is it you or your customers or suppliers? Ask yourself, how can I bring our story to life in a film format?
  1. Hire a film producer or film director with a great folio of work who can tell you what results their films create. You will find high-end agencies that can create cinematic masterpieces or film students starting out and their budgets will vary dramatically. Film making is a craft that takes a long time and effort to master, so be sure to hire people who are masters of their profession, because they will make you look good. While there are companies successfully making raw content on iphones, they are likely to have built brand equity before sharing raw content.
  1. Brainstorm with the filmmakers on the best format to tell your story. Is it a mini feature film narrative, documentary style, vox pop, art house or a series of testimonials? All great films involve good preparation.
  1. Clarify how you want the viewer to feel after watching your film and whether there is a call to action? Determine where your film will be distributed – you tube, company website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – as this may impact how you film your story?

Production of a corporate video

  1. Attend the film shoot to ensure that the film is on message and exactly what you had in mind, because you will know your brand better than anyone.

Post production for making a business video

  1. Enquire about the film editor as the edit is only made easy when good planning and filming has been completed. Make sure the contract states you can make recommended edits to completed versions.
  1. Contact razor video brochures at and plan your video brochure to ensure your films can arrive directly in the hands of your key stakeholders.
  1. Measure and evaluate all of the above and repeat with continuous improvement.

For some inspiring examples of businesses making the best of their film content, please visit or alternately, take a look at razor video brochures recent testimonial video


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