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Power in the palm of your hand

Power in the palm of your hand
February 21, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Portable power and data storage represents an area of technology that seems to change daily.

Remember how much a 16Gb Flash Drive cost 10 years ago? Go back even further to the early 2000s and that little gizmo you carry around in your pocket has as much storage as a $3000 Mac tower of the time.

Now you can get them in just about any shape, colour and size for a fraction of the cost and they’ll print just about anything on them.

Then there’s Power Banks that keep you going off-grid for days. In our line of business it pays to be on top of the power and storage game so we’re investing heavily in the latest technology given our clients far-ranging operating needs.

We’re currently developing a new Razor sub-site to showcase our offering so keep an eye out for it in the very near future.

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