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It’s the eternal question all marketers ask themselves, “how do I pick the right medium to deliver our valuable message”.  If you don’t have a solid idea or concept you risk being one of the thousands of messages your customers see every day that are simply forgotten.

But what if you could put a powerful and personalised message in the palm of your prospects’ hands, just the best of print and video?

At Razor Video Brochures we believe in the big idea and our products do all the heavy lifting to ensure your story or message is not forgotten.  It is for that reason that some of the world’s biggest brands utilise Razor Video Brochure products when they want to be heard.

Whether it’s fundraising, securing sponsorships, educating clients or winning new ones; connecting in a meaningful way in a cluttered landscape has changed forever.

Video brochures are one of the fastest growing mediums today and as the price of LCD screens and video technology drastically decreases, they just make sense.  Research tells us that video brochure products are among the highest ROI delivery vehicles available to brands.

Our range covers three principal design styles that can be further tailored to meet your individual requirements.  The images above provide only a snapshot of what can be achieved.  It’s worth noting that video books and presentation boxes with complex design components can be created overseas or in Australia to reduce timings and freight.

Like all endeavours, only the highest level of quality control ensures users receive a unique and unforgettable experience.  This is not lost on Razor Video brochure products.  All aspects of functionality are examined before delivery and screens are put through rigorous testing.

In our line of business, you can’t afford to be anything but the best which is why we spend the time and effort at the concept stage to ensure that’s always the case.