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These are just some of the clients who brought their ideas to life with video brochures. There are some significant brands and projects within. Take a look at our video brochure gallery and just imagine what we can do for you.

A casual glance at our Razor video brochure gallery and products page showcases some undeniably impressive brands and we’re not afraid to say we’re very proud to have collaborated with. What’s not on show are the outcomes and results they generated.

None of the work above failed to achieve its intended goal and in most cases exceeded it. That’s why a large and increasing amount of our business is repeat and referral. Our communication industry is relatively small and tight-knit compared to the likes of the States so we can’t afford to be anything but results-driven. As they say ‘News travels fast, bad news even faster.

Another area difficult to portray in a video brochure gallery is the size, dimension and complexity of the examples seen here or the level of sophistication employed in the embedded video. We produce everything from simple light activated screens to the very latest in touch-screen technology and everything in between. Additionally, you’re not limited to one unchangeable video. We’ve had as many as 12 in one unit. Then there’s the ability to upload new videos or change existing formats. The possibilities are near endless.

The pinnacle of achievability can be found in our gift boxes. They employ every conceivable intricacy and device to ensure clients deliver an experience that simply can’t be replicated by traditional media. The range of materials used are impressive: wood, leather, acrylic and every manner of card and premium paper treatment. The reality is you’re only ever limited by the extent of your imagination.

Hopefully, our Razor video brochure gallery and the insights above provide you with a better understanding of what can be achieved when you combine industry-leading print with the very latest in embedded video technology.

Our Razor Video Brochures Gallery illustrates what is achievable.