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Why Razor?

Why Razor?


Our position as Australia’s leading supplier of video brochure products was only achieved by delivering the very best in design, technology, service and support.

Our Chinese office and resulting partnership with a leading Chinese video-screen producer ensures Australian Standards are met and design and delivery are never compromised.

The wide range of businesses we work with depend on cut-through so we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of new technologies, creativity and design.

The majority of our work is repeat and referral due to our uncompromising commitment to being the best in the video brochure business. So much so, we 100% guarantee your product will be delivered strictly to specification and in perfect working order.

Six reassuring reasons to go with the professionals.

1. Our own dedicated resource within China ensures Australian Standards are met and quality control maintained.

2. A significant share of production facilities means urgent orders can be placed at the front of the queue.

3. All video brochures are not the same. Our worldwide certification authenticates printing, screens and components.

4. Brochures are individually inspected in Australia to ensure they’re charged and fully functional prior to delivery.

5. Brochure security features means videos can’t be deleted or inappropriate material uploaded.

6. Access to competitive postage, handling and delivery service.