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CUB – let’s talk business

CUB – let’s talk business
July 5, 2021 Brendan Farrugia

CUB – The Club of United Business, is a members’ only establishment with a difference. Whereas the traditional, stuffier institutions basically ban business banter – CUB encourages it. In fact, it’s pretty much their reason for being. Their décor, furnishings and general floorplan have all been cultivated with constructive conversation in mind.

Razor’s fearless leader is a current member, so his knowledge and understanding of the club is second-to-none. This came in very handy when we shot a series of videos highlighting the features and benefits of CUB membership.

First and foremost, we wanted to capture the contemporary and engaging interior aesthetic given how different it is to Melbourne and Sydney’s old-school gentlemen’s clubs. No Chesterfield armchairs, heavy felt curtains or Mahogany tables here – this is modern day take on what makes members feel comfortable and when you feel at ease – you’re more willing to share and share alike.

We also wanted to capture the club’s philosophy and reason for being – that was done brilliantly in direct to camera piece by CUB’s founder and CEO Daniel Hakim. From there, we repeated the exercise with key players and decision makers to reinforce the club’s professional credentials.

Thanks to well thought out planning, we ended up at day’s end with some great footage in the can. From there, we colour graded to highlight the club’s ambiance, added motion graphics using simple but powerful typography to arrive at three powerful videos we’re more than happy to take ownership of.


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