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Why printed brochures are still important today

Why printed brochures are still important today
February 4, 2019 Brendan Farrugia
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1. Consumers don’t live on their phones.

As much as some companies like Google and Apple would like us to believe that we do not live glued to computer screens. A brochure also allows someone to look at your products without the distraction of any other website.  Paper is a lot easier to pick and have a browse through and we are still hardwired to find it difficult to throw paper away. Use that instinct through a printed brochure.

2. People love the reality of paper.

In a world where most things can be purchased online and brand loyalty is difficult because of the faceless way we interact, studies suggest it is comforting to have a face to face meeting as you hand someone a printed brochure.  Then a real connection can be created between sales staff and customer increasing trust and loyalty and making it much more likely that they will return to purchase something.

3. Increase your point of sales.

You always want to be presenting your potential customers with as many ways as possible to order from you and a printed brochure does just that. It also gives you the chance to get back in contact with them by collecting their contact details.

4. Perfect for consumers that hate technology.

Many people especially those over the age of sixty are less comfortable with the technology of today and do not even consider online shopping at all. If your company is targeted towards this age group then it is almost a waste of your time to create a fancy website if you do not have a printed brochure to go with it.

5. Great to use at trade shows and exhibitions.

Printed brochures are great to hand out both to potential customers, but also potential investors. It shows that you are happy working within different mediums, and you have not forgotten the many ways that you can reach customers.


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