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Video gets cut through

Video gets cut through
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia
Cameraman with digital video camera (shallow DoF)

Videos are one of the best ways for your customers to understand what your business does and how it can benefit them. Video gets cut through and it needs to be uncomplicated and to the point; as a general rule your story should be told in around 90 seconds or less.

Most owners know all the reasons why you should do business with them but fitting those reasons succinctly and simply into 90 seconds is a task most struggle with.  For this reason and this reason alone it is crucial that you take a step back and take on the necessary point of view of an outsider.

To create an effective video that you can upload onto your video brochure it needs to be understood by a 10 year child, a 90 year old grandparent, and everyone in between.

The viewer needs to be able to relate to and have empathy with what you are saying and it must show relevance, tap into their emotions and be informative.

Your video brochure will get your story great airplay and will most likely be handed around and around because the wow factor will enthuse most. You don’t want to bore your customers but rather inspire them so to coin an old phrase Keep It Simple Stupid.

To conclude always have a call to action on your video brochure and reiterate the problem that you solved.  Do this and you are well on the way to creating a video that will get you the necessary ROI you are looking for.

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