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Remember Made in Australia

Remember Made in Australia
May 31, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
Made in Australia

Industry Minister Karen Andrews says we face a long road ahead. A big part of successfully completing that journey is by strengthening our ‘economic sovereignty.’ Put simply – reduce our dependence on overseas manufacturing by revitalising our own.

Why bring this up? With all we’ve been through of late, more and more of our customers want to know if our video brochures are made in Australia. Right now, the answer is ‘no.’ Motherboards, processors, screens and nearly all electronic componentry are made in Asia. It’s then transported to our Shenzhen facility to be assembled and inserted into a printed brochure to be shipped to Australia.

The logistics involved in having it freighted and finished here are simply not feasible. That said, these are unprecedented times.

Airfreight into Australia’s going through the roof especially with items like our large presentation boxes so in some cases it pays to have then made here. The quality stacks up and prices are often better than the imported version.

The more we get behind local manufacturing the more chance we have of getting closer to economic sovereignty and given the lessons in over-dependence we’re currently experiencing – that could well be a good thing.

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