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Making a motza amidst a pandemic

Making a motza amidst a pandemic
October 26, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
Making a motza amidst a pandemic

What if I told you in the midst of the worst pandemic in modern times there’s one company that’s just put on 100,000 new staff and another temporarily suspended trading to deal with order backlogs?  Well, Amazon and US online grocer Ocado did just that.

So what does Razor Video Brochures have to do with this? We’d like to think we played a very small part in another company’s big success story by purchasing an electronic streaming toggle from them that negates the need for clients and non-essential personnel to attend video production shoots.

The agonising wait for our over-subscribed widget took near on eight weeks, so I’ll let you do the math on how many were ordered in Australia alone at $400 plus a pop.

Early this year we were looking to grow our video production equipment list. Then the virus struck and like a lot of businesses we sat back and took stock. Although more of a consumer offering, we briefly entertained a ‘pay-after-you-buy’ solution. What would have been more prudent is to throw $50,000 of our hard-earned video production income into shares in the lenders we looked at. Why?

Well, in one case their shares rose by a ridiculous 2000% and no, I didn’t accidently leave my finger on the ‘0’ key. That’s a cool million dollar return less the original outlay.

We’re not in the business of ethics at Razor Video Brochures but it’ll be interesting to see how the borrowings responsible for that astronomical share increase will be paid back. The above is not to rub in pandemic success stories nor lament lost investment chances, we’re just genuinely fascinated by it and deemed it a welcome departure from the mostly dour news we endure on a daily basis.

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