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The Four key learnings in creating smart video

The Four key learnings in creating smart video
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

2015 marked another year of substantial growth in digital advertising with video accounting for an increasing share of marketing expenditure.  The team at razor video brochures have observed that nine out of 10 advertisers are reallocating their marketing budgets to incorporate digital video. The video and technology landscape is forever changing, so let’s look at trends in store for 2016.

  • While some brands strive for viral video content, there is an expectation that a company video will provide a compelling content experience. Brands must tell a good story and build a relationship with customers in an effort to enhance the sales process and create a desirable customer experience.
  • With more than 3 billion searches a month a set and forget policy on You Tube will not generate the cut through required. Savvy brands are now dedicating an additional 30-40% of their video budget on distribution as this is a critical component to ensure increased return on investment to a video production budget.
  • While humour can work in a marketing campaign it’s a tough creative code to crack, especially when competing in a global market.  The use of emotional triggers, simple informative content and a soft sell approach may be a more reliable bet in helping brands achieve their marketing objectives.
  • Data analysis needs to be more than a count of metrics and views to a page and must focus on conversion. Consumers are more mobile and video content needs to reflect this.  Content must be tailored for an audience on the go and must enhance the customers journey by being informative, entertaining and/or enlightening the experience.

As the power of video continues to grow, brands will not only need to become more persuasive with their messages but they will need to ensure they utilise effective distribution channels to share their messages.  Clients, customers and consumers will ultimately assess these brands by how they are engaged and will increasingly be seeking a rich customer experience.

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