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Focus their attention

Focus their attention
September 26, 2019 Brendan Farrugia
Focus theri attention

When the brain processes images it draws on eons of human evolution. It’s a survival technique so we can quickly prioritise important stuff like will that animal feed us or feed on us.  When we focus their attention our result improves dramatically.

Jump forward to the great masters and you’ll see visual priority points like Mona Lisa’s eyes or the play of light on Rembrandt’s faces. The same applies when designing a video brochure today.

Give your audience a start point and they’ll draw on an evolutionary past to navigate from there through the rest of your video brochure. Make all elements alike and it makes the process that little bit longer as they search for a start point. This applies to individual frames and set-ups for the video itself too. All the great directors see each shot as a still and treat them in the exact same manner as outlined above.

We’re proud to say we know a thing or two about video brochure design so if you need help focussing, look no further than Razor Video Brochure’s free design service.

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