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Coming to you live from…

Coming to you live from…
May 31, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
live on air

If you’re interested in live-streaming and you want to get the right equipment for the job – join the very long queue.

It should come as no surprise, all the outlets dealing in streaming equipment are out of stock due to ‘unprecedented demand.’ We fortunately saw the writing on the wall but even then, it was over a month before we had the necessary kit in our hot little hands.

Then there’s the unnerving immediacy of live streaming. On a video shoot you just yell ‘cut’ and do another take. No such luxury with streaming. Your organisation and planning have to be spot on. Person-to-person’s not too bad but if you’re streaming to a large, important audience of potential clients – you really need to get it right.

Another way is to hand it over to us and we’ll get you in front of people you need to be in front of before you can say ‘what does this red button do?’

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