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Colours and their meanings on your video brochures

Colours and their meanings on your video brochures
February 19, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

By using certain colours on our video brochures can we influence the outcome?

In short the answer appears to be yes and there have been many studies done over the years to confirm this.  The impact of colours can influence our emotions and how we respond to various products and concepts.

They are more than just a combination of primary colours and communicate non verbally to us, for example blue is seen as the colour of loyalty and integrity whereas purple is often viewed as being creative and imaginative.

Here is a list of commonly used colours and their meanings;

Key Words for Red:

action, strength, exciting, assertive and confident

Key Words for Orange:

adventurous, vibrant, enthusiastic, optimistic and sociable

Keywords for Yellow:

cheerful, wise, uplifting, creative and logic

Keywords for Green:

growth, self-reliance, practical, sympathetic and adaptable

Keywords for Blue:

loyalty, conservative, authority, trust and integrity

Keywords for Purple:

individual, intuitive, future, creative and inventive

Keywords for Gold:

wealth, wisdom, luxury, happiness and beauty

Keywords for Silver:

modern, sleek, prestige, high-tech and scientific

Keywords for Black:

authority, formal, comfort, control and sophisticated

Keywords for White:

innocence, simplicity, pristine, immaculate and neat

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