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Want to get your message across but not sure how

Want to get your message across but not sure how
February 19, 2019 Brendan Farrugia


In a study conducted by Millward Brown humour can make advertising more enjoyable, memorable and involving.

Research shows the funnier an ad is the more memorable it is likely to be and this is because humour can drive engagement.  It went onto say that humor’s relationship with communication is not as straightforward; the right humour can add to the enjoyment and impact  but the opposite can impede it.

Similarly where an ads key message is not in sync or related to the humour then this message is missed.

Other things that can effect an ads overall enjoyment can be where they may be sexist, culturally or politically incorrect or dark in nature.

Overall though we do like a good laugh so if you are thinking of placing your advertising on your video brochure pick your mark and try and produce a video that appeals to the majority; that way your message will be more memorable and have greater impact.

Here is a simple advert that is very funny and gets the message across beautifully.


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