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Computer generated gems.

Computer generated gems.
December 4, 2021 Brendan Farrugia
Computer Generated Gems

Like all of you out there, we’d like to put the age of Covid behind us, especially the lockdown part. That said, it did teach us a lot about problem solving, particularly regarding video production.

We couldn’t video people, do studio work, nor venture out for any location shooting. It was a big problem begging for any kind of solution. Fortunately, we found it in the ever-expanding motion graphics sector.

Put simply – we created our own computer generated worlds utilising existing client videos, library footage and stills set within an almost limitless moving graphic and creative type settings. Even better, because we weren’t sending crews out and incurring costs for transport, gear hire and likes, the cost factor dropped significantly.

To add to that, all the Covid induced spare time allowed us to hone our skills, iron out any kinks and get it down to a fine art. We’re now finding some clients prefer this approach over more traditional video production given its big impact and relatively low cost.

Talk about becoming a victim of your own success!

If you want to explore the high-impact world of computer-generated imagery, give us a call at Razor and we’ll take you on your very own digital carpet ride.


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