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On the job learning

On the job learning
May 31, 2020 Brendan Farrugia

The one thing we can always be sure of at Razor Video Brochures is variety. Our clients range from medical to manufacturing, audio to automobile and banking to broadcast.

We’ve recently produced a series of videos for Carissa Reiniger – the CEO of Small Business Silver Lining a company that helps businesses create habits that generate long-term growth. Based on years of behaviour change science we were captivated on the shoot by the content given how pertinent her offering is to us.

In the communication business, you have to fast-track your expertise in whatever product or service you’re currently engaged in and Carissa’s case is no exception.

When we called ‘cut’ for the final time, the CEO of SLAP walked away with a suite of products to help drive her business and we walked away with a better understanding of how to get the best from ours.

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