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All the way with TSA

All the way with TSA
July 5, 2021 Brendan Farrugia

Tradetech Services Australia or TSA, is a civil contractor with extensive experience in the installation of major infrastructure and full turn-key solutions. Government and large-scale tenders make up a large portion of their business so when the opportunity arises, showcasing their wares by the best means possible is paramount.

At Razor we were particularly excited about this project given the level of involvement required of us. It was a full go-to-whoa affair, meaning we designed the brochure, wrote the copy, developed and shot the script, as well as produced and printed the video brochure itself.

This involvement level is something we’re doing a lot more of. Having control of the complete process has always resulted in a more cohesive and subsequently a more successful video brochure. Due in no small part to the economies of scale achieved when keeping all the creative and production facets under the one roof.

Given the depth of TSA’s offering, the creative challenge was to showcase their strengths without missing any of the things that mattered. The sheer scale of their equipment, buildings, worksites and staff numbers called for extensive drone usage. We shot everything from high in the sky down to eye-level passes through suburban streets. We coupled drone footage with a mix of more personal vision to create a video that showcased their technical capabilities without losing sight of the all-important human element. It’s worth noting, shooting in many cases took place at live worksites, so coordinating TSA staff, cameramen and drone operation really kept us on our collective toes.

We’re very proud of what we achieved for TSA and would like to thank them for the tremendous contribution they made to the success of this venture.


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