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How to protect your video brochures when mailing them out …

How to protect your video brochures when mailing them out …
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Your video brochure order has just arrived and they look magnificent.  The video has been loaded, the sales team is pumped and everything is on track for a successful campaign launch.  It has been decided that a large portion will be personally delivered to your current/potential clients as part of a sales initiative and the rest will be sent via mail/courier.

For those companies that are sending them out via a third party often cost and packaging are overlooked components.  In most cases because of the size and weight the brochures will come under a classification of parcel, so you need to factor this cost in.   Equally important however is the packaging… let’s face it you don’t want your message completely diluted or lost because the brochure has been damaged in transit.

As we all know things get tossed around by couriers and/or in the mail and from experience the LCD screens can get cracked or the electronics contained within can get damaged making the brochure useless.  We suggest the best way to prevent this is either wrap it in bubble wrap or a soft padded envelope (as in the image above) this will protect your brochure from an unfortunate incident.

In the scheme of things after going to great lengths to get a quality video produced, an amazing brochure designed and manufactured we believe for the small cost involved in doing this, it is a great insurance policy and well worth it.   ROI will ultimately be determined by conversion and you don’t want a perfectly great idea that does work, get spoiled by simple execution.

We now will be able to offer these to our clients to ensure your brochure arrives at its destination working and how you intended it to.

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