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Getting personnel

Getting personnel
July 5, 2021 Brendan Farrugia

It’s crucial for Razor to understand our client’s landscape to promote their message with an air of authority and understanding. This is especially so in the video production department. That was seriously put to the test in a recent series of recruitment videos for a prestigious data-processing firm.

You often hear the term ‘the changing face of industry’ but nothing prepared us for the degree of change taking place in the recruitment sector. The days of placing a print ad in a daily newspaper and waiting for the line to appear outside your office are well and truly over. The coin has been flipped.

Candidates for many white-collar positions, especially in the digital sector, are choosing who they want to work for, not the other way around. Employers now have to entice candidates who in some cases are entertaining multiple offers at any given time. Put simply, it’s a numbers game. 60,000 roles offered per annum in some digital sectors and only 17,000 graduates – you do the math.

Now, how does this new-found understanding of the recruitment sector impact Razor’s video production department?

In the case mentioned above, addressing the details of any role was a mere formality. Demonstrating the environment, culture, opportunities, and social aspects surrounding the role, became the lead story. It’s an exercise in brand building and the brand in question is the employer. Are they socially responsible? What’s their carbon footprint? Will I grow, learn, and advance my career? What activities exist outside my job description? The answers to these formed our focal point and shaped our content.

We adopted the ‘Cinéma Vérité approach, meaning ‘cinema of truth.’ We shot a lot of footage with a strong people focus, then edited it down to deliver core messaging and insights to entice the right candidate. We captured some great moments that challenged us in the what-to-leave-out department but as they say: ‘It’s a great problem to have.’ If you’re not learning, you’re not living, and we certainly went through a steep learning curve on this one.

If you’re currently looking into the recruitment space, we’d be more than happy to put our new-found understanding to work for you.


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