Video Marketing Tells Customers You're Open For Business

Use Video Marketing to tell your customers you’re open for business

Use Video Marketing to tell your customers you’re open for business
June 20, 2022 Brendan Farrugia
Video Marketing tells customers you're open for business

After two years of covid-induced mayhem and uncertainty, people are trickling back into workplaces and things are returning to normal. So, what does that mean to these returnees and the support networks that depend on them?

The people that fed them, provided parking, did their dry cleaning and all those other industries big and small that simply can’t exist without a permanent, resident workforce.

Sadly, for some, they simply couldn’t survive two years of closed doors, minimal foot traffic and ongoing uncertainty. On an up note – we firmly believe that’s all about to change and change quickly. Walk down a city street now – there’s a buzz in the air and it’s getting louder. More and more services are unshuttering their businesses and spinning ‘round the ‘OPEN’ sign.

Re-discover your customers with video marketing

At Razor Video Brochures we have very good reason to celebrate this upturn. So should you if you want to connect with customers who up until recently where virtually invisible – spread out throughout the various suburbs in family homes with no fixed office address.

A Razor Video Brochure impacts the way it does because it’s hand-delivered, substantial to the touch and all but impossible to ignore. If you have no definitive office address – you have no way of ensuring delivery and that’s why we’re particularly excited about our nation’s return to workplace normal.

If you’re ready to get your story into the hands of those who count – give us a call today, because we’re well and truly open for business.


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