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Champagne results on a beer budget

Champagne results on a beer budget
February 19, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
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Once upon a time if you wanted a video you had to mortgage your house to fund it.

Okay, slight exaggeration but they cost a lot because they employed a lot of camera operators, lighting specialists, editors, actors and a host of other players. With the advent of pretty sophisticated but not too expensive hard and software, reasonably good productions became available for a fraction of the cost but still up there for a lot of smaller businesses.

At Razor Video Brochures we decided we wanted production costs to fall even further without compromising the quality of the content. After an exhaustive search we unearthed an alternative that drew on 15,000,000 video assets (yep, you read that correctly) and a range of production and design elements that would put some studios to shame.

So if you want content utilising the cornerstones of great creative – metaphors, analogies, similes and good old fashion humour then Razor Video Brochures has some welcome news for you and all for a fraction of old production prices.

To find out how much you’ll save – contact Razor Video Brochures today and we’ll have your name in lights in no time.

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