Lead Generation, Reduce The Cost By Over 25%.

Reduce the cost of a lead by over 25%.

Lead Generation

Here’s how it works.

Industry experts* put the average lead generation cost at $198. Consumer research has our most popular brochure** delivering a lead conversion of 35% for an average cost of $143. That’s 28% less expensive than the industry standard.
*Hubspot Source. **Brochure details and quantity. (A5 7″ HD)

Reduce the cost even more with one of these limited offers.

Technology Package


Premium Screen IPS (Multi-View)

Print Package


Print Upgrade to Spot UV, Embossing
or Debossing

Video Combo Package


25% Off Your Brochure Video
If We Shoot It For You

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Compact Video Brochure

plane 1
$47 / unit
Pricing based on a 100 unit purchase
  • 4.3 inch screen (94mm x 53mm)
    Brochure size: 172mm x 127mm
    15-20 mins of video time
    Play, pause & volume buttons
    up to 4 video buttons


A5 7 inch HD Video Brochure

$66 / unit
Pricing based on a 100 unit purchase
  • 7 inch HD screen (152mm x 84mm)
    15-20 mins of video time
    Play, pause & volume buttons
    up to 5 video buttons


A4 7 inch HD Video Brochure

rocket 2
$73 / unit
Pricing based on a 100 unit purchase
  • 7 inch HD screen (152mm x 84mm)
    Portrait orientation
    15-20 mins of video time
    Play, pause & volume buttons
    up to 8 video buttons


Razor Video Brochure Distressed Stamp

Our dedicated in house design team delivers creative that maximises your ROI.

Razor Video Brochure Free Delivery

We offer free delivery within Australia on all products with no hidden costs.

Razor Video Brochure 100 Guaranteed

Every brochure’s checked for accuracy and charge capacity prior to delivery.

RCM Approval

Razor is RCM compliant and fully registered as an approved Australian supplier.

Vanguard Investments Australia

“The brochures have seriously been a massive hit! Our Managing Director was most impressed, showing his U.S counterparts on a recent trip and everything!”

Lucinda Perry
Marketing Specialist, Vanguard Investments Australia


“We were thrilled with our 90% response rate and attribute our success to key factors like – Razor’s design contribution, inviting video content, meaningful merchandising with finishes and attention to detail our clients and partners expect from the Canon brand.”

Sonja Debuljah
Event Manager Canon


Understanding is everything. The more you know about an endeavour before launching into it the greater your chance of success. With that in mind, we’ve collated the following frequently asked questions.

What is the minimum number of video brochures I can purchase?

For economies of scale that ensure you get the right product for the right price, order minimums are set at 50.

How quickly can they be produced?

Once artwork is approved, a lead-time of 3-4 weeks is required depending on quantity and production complexity.

Can a multiple number of videos be placed on the brochure?

Yes, the number of videos that can be downloaded onto a single brochure can vary with the size and style of product.

Is it possible to change or update the video?

Yes, this is one of our video brochure’s best features. Just plug in the supplied USB cable provided then drag and drop your new video file onto the device. An imbedded security pass code protects your content from being deleted or altered.

When do you require the video files and can you upload this for me?

It’s best to supply the video no more than 2 days after you approve your artwork. This allows for us to fast track your order delivery as well as quality test your videos prior to factory dispatch. We don’t charge for this service.
If time doesn’t permit we can do this at Razor’s Australian office but we do charge a small fee for unit numbers exceeding 100.

Can Razor produce our video and design our video brochure?

Yes, our in house design and video production team can conceptualise and design your video brochure as well as produce your video.  We can also send you guide templates to pass on to your ad agency or designer.

What quality control programs do you have in place?

Our quality control is second-to-none so we only use the very best components assembled within our own strictly supervised factory facility. On arrival at Razor we check every brochure. This inspection includes battery charging capability, video loading, auto play function and start/stop/pause functionality.

Do these brochures meet Australian Standards?

Razor video brochures carry the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). We only use the best so you can be safe in the knowledge you have a product that complies with strict Australian Standards.

Is delivery included in the price advertised?

Razor offers free delivery to the one destination within Australia on all products . We utilise the services of AusPost, Pack & Send and DHL for fulfillment if required.

What are your payment terms?

A 50% deposit prior to production and payment of the 50% balance on delivery.

Lead Generation has never been so easy.