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Words of wisdom from Winston

Words of wisdom from Winston
September 26, 2019 Brendan Farrugia
Words from Winston

Mr Churchill was one of the world’s great statesmen, owing much of his fame to his powerful speechwriting. He displayed an ability to captivate and motivate millions with speeches that still echo throughout the corridors of time. What does this have to do with Razor video brochures? Well, our copywriting and storytelling approach owes a lot to this man. When we set out to make a statement for our clients whether it’s the voice over for a video or the copy for a video brochure, we borrow unashamedly from Winston Churchill’s five rules for effective speechwriting:

1. Begin strongly.
2. Have one theme.
3. Use simple language.
4. Leave a picture in your audience’s mind.
5. End dramatically.

As our creative department grows to accommodate the need for increasing video brochure creative and video production, it’s reassuring to know we can fall back on a storytelling method that delivers clarity and cut-through when you need it most.

We’re not saying a well-conceived video brochure will spur squadrons of spitfire pilots to take to the air above the English Channel to defend British soil but it will provide you with a far greater chance of being heard.

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