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Want to stand out then be different

Want to stand out then be different
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Consumers and businesses are bombarded with a huge amount of brand messages each day, so to capture people’s attention you must deliver innovative and exciting experiences otherwise your messages just won’t be heard.

Take a website for example according to Entrepreneur an average adult’s attention span was down to just 8 seconds in 2014.  On YouTube 45% of consumers who actually watch your video will switch off after just 30 secs and getting cut through on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter is also very difficult.  In a strange way direct marketing on the web is a self-limiting process, because the more that media companies embrace it, the worse it actually works.

Like most businesses we have representation across all these platforms because you need to be where your consumers are however recently we sent out our video brochures as part of a direct marketing campaign, that’s right, we couriered video brochures out about video brochures. (Yes it was our Seinfeld moment)

We made a point of sending them out to businesses who hadn’t heard of us as we wanted to test how it measured up against online and other marketing initiatives.  Well the result was amazing.  Admittedly the cost of doing this was certainly much higher than our online approach but the net result and ROI was significantly greater.

There is no doubt from our experience that direct mail campaigns delivered to potential customers is a great way to break through the clutter and get you noticed.  We now have adopted this strategy in conjunction with all our other marketing initiatives to grow our business.

As the CEO of Disney so eloquently put it, “Are you engaging your clients as much as possible, on as many platforms as possible?”

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