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Why Video brochures are perfect for product launches…

Why Video brochures are perfect for product launches…
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Launching a new product or service isn’t what is used to be… the digital world has changed this space forever.  Whether you are a lean start up or a multinational, a well-executed launch is your chance to grab customer attention and make a strong impression with your product.

According to Google 70% of B2B buyers now view video throughout their path to purchase.  This figure is significant but how do you get your video in front of your customers and how do you use the power of leverage to get the word out faster, build your customer base and generate more revenue?

It isn’t as difficult as you might think and it is where using Video Brochures as a communication piece helps you tick all the boxes.

We have been involved in many product launches now for our clients and here is a short list of what the successful companies are doing:

Define your message with a strong vision and purpose

Ensure the video and the video brochure articulate the product offering, cover off on the benefits and importantly have a call to action.  You really only have one chance to get it right and you don’t want a sub standard video or video brochure reflecting poorly on your product.  If your positioning is not clear, your buyers and your potential partners will also be confused.  Good quality comes at a price, get this right and you are well on the way.   Unfortunately confused buyers don’t buy.

Have a marketing plan

Don’t wait for your product to be fully finished to start thinking about the product launch, start work on your video as soon as possible and allow 3-4 weeks for your video brochures to arrive. It’s impossible to define success without first defining what you want to achieve but having a great video of what your product does and what pain point it solves is a great start.  To maximise reach use an integrated marketing approach to contact key influencers and establish how the brochures are going to be distributed i.e. at a launch event, via direct mail or personally delivered.  Promoting the product doesn’t stop at the launch either.

Measure the results

Not only do you need to ascertain what a successful launch looks like, but also how you’re measuring that success.  Go back to your base line goals and measure the outcomes of your initiatives against those goals.  It goes without saying that following up after the initial blast is paramount  but it is surprising how many companies just don’t do this.

Keep it going

The end of your product launch is only the beginning of building a successful, long-term sales strategy.   There are no shortcuts in life and learning from those that have been there and done that is a proven formula for success.  Product launches can be tricky because, unlike other marketing efforts there is no testing; they need to pack punch and create a wow factor that gets you noticed immdiately.

In conclusion your video is the one of the most critical elements to a successful launch.  The video brochure is the perfect portable vehicle to have your customers watch this without any of the other distracting messages across social media.  They will get you noticed but like all things, do it right and do it once.

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