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Video Brochures the new way to get cut through

Video Brochures the new way to get cut through
February 19, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Marketing Using Video Offline For Incredible Conversion Rates

Millions of people are dead set on video marketing and they are pulling their resources to go to the major websites that are available today. Sharing your video through the sites that are set up today is simple but if you want to get past the online world you may want to visit a new solution that mixes mediums. The next tradeshow you’re at or the next time you run into a potential client you could give them a business card and hope they visit your website to watch a video, or you can hand them a piece of digital collateral that will explain your business and more within the touch of a button. The concept of using video offline may be a bit odd but it will completely change your marketing implementation forever.

The Tired Brochure

Go to any trade show and you’ll find a lot of brochures. They each are heavy with marketing speech, visuals and they are static. There is nothing to them but a few images and bullet points. In some cases you’ll get a big block of text thrown in alongside some benefits. These are fine they work, but they can also be browsed and discarded within a moment’s notice. What if you could offer a better solution that ties this working option together with the latest technology? That’s exactly what you can do today through the use of video marketing.

The New Brochure

Taking the concept of print media collateral and tying together modern technology is exactly what you can have through the use of video brochures. When someone opens up one of these tangible products they will no longer have to trudge through a lot of marketing text, instead they can see a full motion video, hear audio, and look at animation within the palm of their hands. The sales bridge that is created through this is absolutely incredible and will change the face of your marketing forever. Handing someone a tired brochure is one thing but giving them a technological experience… now that will force them to remember your company forever.

Technology In The Palm of Your Hand

This is absolutely something that you can work within. You’ll find that razor video brochures is a company that can help your business grow with the concept of video marketing in a tangible form. Traditionally people focus on uploading videos online and that’s a good thing. However you can’t always give someone a full video presentation on the run but you can definitely hand them a video brochure, cutting out the need to be online to get the same information. This jump forward in marketing will change the way you convert leads to clients and sales guaranteed.


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