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Video Brochure Design

Video Brochure Design
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Got a great video for your video brochure?  Well the devil is in the detail and yes Video Brochure Design is as equally important as having a great video.

In the digital age a lot of work goes into producing and creating a video that builds credibility, brand and above all positions your company as the authority within your industry.  To connect with your customers however the first thing they notice is an attention grabbing slip or video brochure cover.

Here is a quick list on what you should do to engage your customers and get them excited about your product or service prior to watching your video.

  1. Ensure the visual elements such as color, logo, font and imagery align with the brand.
  2. Combine a visually appealing design with an attention-grabbing headline that addresses a powerful benefit for your customers.
  3. Emboss your logo so it stands off the card and delivers it with punch.
  4. Content on the inside cover should contain your message succinctly with problems and challenges your customers face and how you solve them better than your competitors.
  5. Emboss the function and/or video buttons to add another layer of professionalism.
  6. On the back cover tell your customers exactly what you want them to do i.e. move them to the next phase of the sales cycle, call for an appointment or go to your website.

Your video will contain all the benefits & features of what you do and this is what you want potential customers focussed on.

A great video brochure design requires a skilful balance between image, colour and textual information and the golden rule remains… that simple is always best.

We are to help, so if you have any questions around what will work best with your video brochure please don’t hesitate to call.

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