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The right hook

The right hook
September 28, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
The right hook

Whether it be a movie, an ad, a song or a video – the ones that get your attention are the ones with a hook.

Think of it as a punchline, an ‘aha’ moment or just something that makes sense of what you’ve just seen or experienced. Sounds easy doesn’t it? The reality is it’s anything but.

We all know what it’s like when someone fluffs a punchline, or how disappointed you feel when you watch a long movie only to be let down by a sub-par ending. Video is no different. You have to have a point, a destination, a reason for being and the bigger the better.

It may be a challenge for simple show and tell or how-to videos but if you start with a meaningful ending in mind, you’ll stand a far greater chance of success. Our videos begin with an idea. From there, we flesh it out ‘til we have a full-bodied execution that supports the initial idea at every turn.

If this kind of thinking appeals to you, call us and we’ll help you deliver that knockout blow.

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