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Strange days indeed

Strange days indeed
October 26, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
Silver Lining

Great news on the city’s partial opening up but for the past 12 weeks there’s been little to celebrate in Melbourne.

At Razor our video production arm is predominantly Victoria-centric but that’s changing due in no small part to the pandemic. We’ve just completed a significant project in Sydney that not only went well but took us in an unforeseen direction courtesy of our newly established NSW team.

It involved progressive film production techniques that pushed the envelope of our current skill set and upped the bar in terms of our offering. At times it felt like we’d jumped in the deep end, but we couldn’t be happier with the result and it probably wouldn’t have happened if we were concentrating on what we already know and shooting in Victoria only. It all lends credence to what can be achieved when taken out of your comfort zone.

We’re sure all the businesses out there who thought working out of home was going to be a disaster with productivity falling like a paralysed falcon are completely re-thinking their future need for office space and the traditional working dynamic. Not great if you let out office space but fantastic if you want to reduce overheads and improve worker flexibility without compromising productivity.

It’s a brave new world we’re facing and here at Razor Video Brochures we hope there are a lot more stories like ours out there to mitigate what’s surely the greatest challenge we’ll see in our lifetime.

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