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Stand out with video

Stand out with video
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

They say that to get your message heard you must keep it short, sweet and simple.  Think about your typical day and the branded messaging you receive or experience i.e. email, social posts, banner advertising, pop ups, text links and the list goes on and on.  So how do you stand out with video?

The answer is simple… video.  Unlike all other mediums video has the ability to cut through the digital noise because it engages multiple senses all at once.   Complex and difficult messages which could take much explanation can quite literally be conveyed in a matter of seconds.  So yes the old rules of KISS still do apply but video allows us to quite often stretch out that acronym because we find it so engaging.

So why is video so effective.  Largely it is the medium of choice due to the fact that, in today’s hyper-connected world everyone multi-tasks.  Children/Teens scan the internet on their laptops while doing homework or watching TV and parents send work emails while cooking dinner and playing with their kids.   In this ever reliant world of technology we are all just busy doing something.  Some recent findings state that almost 2/3rds of audiences today prefer watching video to reading text and that each one minute of video equates to approximately 1.8 million words.

Many brands have already harnessed the power of video across their social platforms realising that this is the best way to engage their audience. At the heart of all this is does it drive revenue and does the ROI in video stack up?

We would say that in the business environment which we find ourselves in today if you don’t have a video profile or product testimonial you run the risk of not being heard at all.

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