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Sales aren’t dead.

Sales aren’t dead.
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

While we live in a technological world where content is king, the principles of marketing are no different to those of a sales man traveling from door to door in the 1950s.

When meeting someone new, every brand, whether it’s Vegemite or Donald Trump, has a small window of opportunity to answer three basic questions.
1. Who are you? (the purpose)
2. What do you do? (the process)
3. Why do you matter to me – the customer? (the promise)

The three Ps
Marketers and business people are asked to explain their purpose, process and promise on a daily basis. Do you know yours? Here is ours.

Purpose: razor video brochures helps businesses grow.
Process: We use the best of print and video content and land stories directly into the hands of a customer in a new, interesting and appealing format, that gets their attention and captures their heart and mind. The copy often provides facts and the videos often trigger an emotion or feeling towards a brand, which means video brochures uniquely appeal to both left and right brain
Promise: We strengthen connections between brands and their customers. Although social and digital media are powerful tools, people still buy from people. A video brochure is an invaluable tool in helping build a connection, which is vital in making a sale.

Key to results based marketing
So, the key to outstanding marketing is winning the trust and respect of a customer and a community. razor video brochures helps make this process possible as video brochures can:
• Get the right message to the right people at the right time in the buying decision cycle;
• Move the buying decision forward—from “we’re interested” to “where do we sign?” and
• Use influencer-based personas to guide the creation of relevant and credible content.

Interestingly, razor video brochures was established when after a career in sales, Brendan Farrugia traveled to China in search of a new sales tool that works. When he discovered video brochures, the business was born and he now works with clients across the world.

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