Quality Video Brochure Screens - Consumer Alert

Quality Video Brochure Screens Matter – Consumer Alert

Quality Video Brochure Screens Matter – Consumer Alert
May 23, 2022 Brendan Farrugia
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Please be aware of Cheap vs. Quality Video Brochure Screens – Consumer Alert

A large US company recently purchased 70,000 video brochures incorporating a 4.3” screen. Production commenced on receipt of a sizeable deposit. Prior to delivery, the devices were inspected by a Chinese organisation. They found an alarming number of faulty screens. Further investigation uncovered the screens we’re in fact recycled from old mobile phones. Meaning resolution, ability to hold charge, auto-play functionality and general functionality were severely compromised. Clearly these were not fit for purpose and a very large deposit was ultimately lost but it doesn’t end there.

There are currently 70,000 compromised screens doing the rounds in search of a buyer hence our consumer alert. This warning is a first for us but we’re proud of our industry and the products we offer so we simply won’t tolerate this kind of business practice, and neither should you. The following will help you dodge a bullet should one come travelling your way. 

Cut the cost. Pay the price.

This incident is not the first example of saving costs by compromising quality. Covid induced supply chain issues, unprofessional stop-gap measures and a host of other questionable tactics are occurring with frightening regularity.

How to screen your screens.

There are simple measures that can be employed to ensure your video brochure screens are fit for purpose. They are:

• Request detailed specifications then review them closely
• 4.3″ screens are usually recycled. Insist on 4.5″ IPS versions instead
• With 5″ screens always choose IPS versions
• With 7″ screens, less than 1024 x 600 resolution will almost certainly be recycled

By following the above guide, you can avoid the kind of episode we discussed earlier. If you’re still not 100% certain of what you’re getting – call Razor Video Brochures on 1300 194 747 – we’re more than happy to provide advice.


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