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What others say matters most

What others say matters most
February 21, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Testimonials are a powerful way to promote your message via word-of-mouth.

It’s one thing to sing your own praises, another entirely to have a third party do it for you. They work but if you want them to work hard, these basic ground rules are worth noting.

Firstly, don’t fake it – keeping it real is everything. Audiences are very adept at picking phonies.

Secondly, make them appropriate to the point you want to make. Rambling platitudes just leave your audience confused. Be specific – don’t say ‘there was a vast improvement’ – say it improved by 37%. It’s far more tangible.

Finally, your language, filming technique and believability of your claim is critical. Don’t have anyone enact anything that doesn’t gel with their look, feel and situation.

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