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Miniscule virus Massive impact

Miniscule virus Massive impact
February 19, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
Wuhan Street

Empty streets, quiet factories and legions of idle workers who’re either waiting to work or because of travel bans, can’t get to work, typifies life in China under the yoke of the Coronavirus.

The news is many of the factories, including our own, will return to work albeit under very strict conditions to ensure containment.

At Razor Video Brochures, we’re not in the business of reporting news but the affect this pervasive contagion has had on all walks of Chinese life – especially the lives of everyday workers and their families moved us deeply. So much so, we took it on ourselves to secure 1000 surgical masks to ensure our team there are able to operate and interact safely with their fellow workers.

The overall disruption to Chinese manufacturers has rippled through countless global supply chains making it near impossible to obtain parts for everything from video screens to automobiles. It’s only through favourable geography the Razor Video Brochure manufacturing complex can now return to work.

We only hope the rest of China can follow suit in the coming weeks.

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