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Meeting expectation

Meeting expectation
August 17, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
Meeting Expectation

Our current Corona Virus crisis has seen digital meetings replace the face-to-face model in numbers we could never have imagined.

It’s undeniably a good fix for day-to-day business but what if you want to drive prospective clients to the likes of Zoom to use as a sales tool? Well, the rules of engagement still apply.

Your message and means of delivery have to be pertinent, compelling and executed to perfection. If we’re producing a video as part of your communication strategy it has to tick all of these boxes in a way your audience can’t ignore.

One of our clients is conducting a unique approach to encourage high net-worth clients to attend an auction. Another adopted a similar strategy to launch a forum of professionals to discuss the merits of the world’s most coveted whiskeys in New York.

Given their compelling response rates, they both chose to utilise bespoke video brochures with high levels of technology and print finishes. That’s not to say a top end of town approach is the only way to go. It all depends on your audience and what’s needed to motivate them.

If you’d like to discuss how to get your target market into the right sales space, contact us on today.

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