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Marketing Cut Through

Marketing Cut Through
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

The technology revolution means we are inundated with messages from brands – on our mobile phones, via email, social media feeds, on television, radio and print.

It is predicted we could be exposed to 10,000 brand choices on a trip to the local supermarket, while others claim an average day can expose us to 100,000 brand messages!

Meanwhile, marketers are increasingly investing budgets into social media strategies as advertising as pay-to-play is becoming the foundation of effective social strategies, with more than 80 per cent of companies reportedly planning to deploy a social ad campaign in the next year. This means social media platforms are about to become more cluttered with key messages.

It is getting more difficult for marketers to cut through and get the attention of customers.

Video brochures cut through the noise.

Let’s face it – content is everywhere. The unique appeal of video brochures captures the attention and imagination of customers and key stakeholders and gives them a unique and valuable experience.

If you returned to your office tomorrow or your home tonight to find a video brochure at your desk or in your mailbox that featured a booklet and video on a familiar or new brand, would it cut through the noise around you? The answer is undeniably yes.

razor’s video brochures set brands apart from their competitors.

Combine the best of print and video content in one compelling package.

Life is busy and when people open their smart phones or computers, there are plenty of distractions.

Customers tell us they value the ease and simplicity of video brochures so much that on average they share them with 17 contacts.

Increasingly, people are time poor and don’t want to navigate through complex websites or read lengthy annual reports, they need to simply open the brochure and view the video message It couldn’t be easier.

Best marketing practice

Placing the customers needs and their experience and at the core of marketing makes for great brand experiences and business outcomes.

Video brochures provide a unique and rich customer experience.

If you want to provide a favourable experience for your customers and to share your message with them in a compelling way, look no further than razor’s video brochures.

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