Looking To Order A5 4 inch IPS - Razor Video Brochures

Looking To Order

Congratulations you’ve chosen a product and you’re well on your way.

To commence the order process, please fill in the details below and one of our customer service representatives will contact you shortly.

Please Confirm Your Request

    How many units do you require?

    What brochure style would you like?

    How many video buttons do you need?

    What function buttons are required?




    a) Choose a brochure style and finish then advise Razor. We can provide assistance and guide you through the options if required.
    b) Determine whether artwork is completed by you, your agency or Razor.
    c) Decide whether you’ll provide a video or require Razor to create a video for you.


    a) An order form and invoice for a 50%
    deposit detailing the above will be sent to you for confirmation.
    b) A template and sample designs as guides will be emailed to you or your agency to assist in completing the artwork.
    c) If Razor is providing the brochure design and or video production we’ll require a brief from you detailing your desired outcomes. We can help you develop the brief if need be.


    a) When the artwork’s completed a PDF proof is provided by our printer for your approval.
    b) Changes can still be made at this point if you’re not satisfied with the design.
    c) Once approved and deposit paid your order is placed in a production queue.


    Production times can vary depending on the product you require and the volumes.

    Up to 1000 units will take:

    Soft Cover – 10 business days
    Hard Cover – 12 business days
    Video Books – 15 business days
    Presentation Boxes – 17 business days

    a) Premium finishes such as a spot UV, foil and embossing will add an additional 2 days to the above.
    b) Add 2 further days to the above timelines for units in excess of 1000 units.


    a) Once completed, we’ll forward you an image of the finished brochure and advise on delivery details.
    b) We use DHL air-freight to Australia. This generally takes 4-5 business days.


    a) On arrival at Razor we check every brochure. This inspection includes battery charging capability, video loading, auto play function and start/stop/pause functionality.
    b) Brochures are then repacked and couriered to their destination.
    c) Our fulfilment team can send brochures to multiple locations if you require this service.