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The keys to a great sales strategy

The keys to a great sales strategy
February 19, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

For some companies this is all about their sales teams hitting their numbers.

The plan starts and stops with sales teams being pushed hard on activity with the focus on building pipelines that will eventually be closed.  Playing the numbers game unfortunately ends up with a lot of “not ready” customers because mostly the features are all laid out on the table but the benefits are sometimes glossed over.

Research performed by Sirius Decisions a global B2B research and advisory firm highlighted that one of the biggest reasons most companies fail to hit their targets is because sales people have an inability to communicate their message effectively.

To create perceived value, salespeople need to focus on customer conversations that differentiate their products from the competition… and the best way to do this is by telling stories.  Telling personal stories with video, using analogies and case studies brings your message to life.

Place them on your video brochure and they now have the portability that ensures those messages are conveyed to, not only the prospect, but also to their friends and colleagues.

A quick razor video brochures guide to help your conversions:

1. Create a video with your story that demonstrates value.

why: because stories bring your messages to life

2. Place it on a video brochure and send it out to your prospects.

why: because of the wow factor not only will your prospect see it they will pass it around

3. You’ve broken the ice; now organise an appointment, go through your presentation and highlight the before and after stories of your clients.

why: because these stories resonate with your prospects and will become a lot more memorable than just facts and figures

The business landscape has changed forever and there is a lot of distraction and noise out there presently.  Do the above and your prospects will remember you, your product and your stories and in this market that puts you a long way in front of your competition.

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