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Key elements of a corporate video

Key elements of a corporate video
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

Here are the five key elements to making your corporate video a hit with your customers.

1. Make it as simple as possible

It can be very difficult to create a video because essentially you are trying to explain complex messages.

Simplify your video by having one clear message and keep on-screen graphics, props, animations and lengthy dialogue to a minimum.

To get cut through to your audience the content should be easy to comprehend and by doing so you are helping your target market digest the information easily.

2. The trend is your friend

Crucial to the success of your video profile is maintaining a style that is up to date with video techniques and technologies.  This is an important element because you need your customers and/or clients to view you as innovative and savvy; outdated content won’t get you recognition.

This is where using a professional video production house is worth its weight in gold.

3. When less is more

We have spoken about this in a previous blog however we believe that best practice for a corporate style video should be between 60 seconds and 2 minutes.

The golden rule is always, less is more.

If you find that it is to difficult to shorten the length of your message then try breaking it up into separate videos; you will find that the drop off rate will be lower and your customers will be more engaged when following your story.

4. Speak to your customers

Remember the language and style when putting together your corporate video.  They play an integral part in your messages being heard and understood, so communicate effectively with them and without using jargon they won’t understand.

Begin with the end in mind and carefully plan the content to ensure you engage your audience.

5. Advise, instruct and inspire

Advise: inform your customers by being the expert in your field, this is crucial in establishing trust.

Instruct: educate with simple and helpful ideas to assist your customers’ needs.

Inspire:  make you message entertaining and colourful so that your customers want to talk to you.

To leverage your new corporate video don’t forget to put them on your video brochures, the impact will be amazing.

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