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How important’s Audio in your Video?

How important’s Audio in your Video?
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

They say a picture tells a thousand words but audio well that is a whole new story.  To illustrate try watching a movie whilst the sound is on mute… was it engaging?

We believe that music and audio is the most critical element to a successful video.  The reason being is that it directs the story, it engages the viewer and the use of music and/or the tonality of the speaker creates the emotive response we want to achieve; the hook to keep the viewer watching.

There have been several studies completed which show regardless of how good the picture is, if the audio quality is marginal then the viewer will react negatively to the video as a whole.

Here are some things you need to do to ensure your audience is engaged and connected to your video.

1. Use a script

2. Choose music to reflect the audience demographic

3. Amplify your message with a good quality audio mix

4. Ignite your brand with excellent audio and music

5. Project and enunciate your voice

6. Great music achieves an emotional connection

Remember the best and only place to start with audio is to make sure you get the highest quality audio you can.  All great videos always have great audio and if you want it to work on your video brochure then the rest goes without saying.

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