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If the cap fits

If the cap fits
May 31, 2020 Brendan Farrugia
If the cap fits

They say the true measure of a person is how they react in a crisis. Given what we’re going through, there must be a lot of revelations going on out there.

One thing we found out pretty quickly at Razor Video Brochures was sitting back, waiting for the crisis to subside and relying on what we already know wasn’t going to cut it. Put simply – we had to start wearing a few different caps.

We couldn’t facilitate traditional video shoots, so we developed a video streaming platform. Video brochure design subsided as clients waited for the viral dust to settle so we went beyond brochures and offered our design service to a host of new prospects. In the process, we invigorated our offering and kept our powder dry for when things return to normal.

While we’re waiting, if you’re in need of streaming or design work, let us know, we’d only be too glad to help out.

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