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Fundraising fundamentals.

Fundraising fundamentals.
December 4, 2021 Brendan Farrugia

Corporate fundraising has been with us for a long time. Carefully thought-out messages, designed to extract funds from willing benefactors has become an art-form.

The challenge is ensuring you haven’t developed a powerful message without a delivery mechanism to match. Meaning, the great idea you have, needs to run the gauntlet to reach your audience and when it does, it must command their undivided attention.

Corporations receive scores if not hundreds of requests every year for donations and sponsorships. The right message, in the right package will increase your chances of being one of the more successful ones.

Razor Video Brochures has worked with some of Australia’s and indeed the world’s biggest companies to raise tens of millions of dollars – in some cases, in record time. Razor’s secret lies in our delivery mechanism.

A well-designed brochure or box with any number of provocative bells and whistles, breaks through traditional barriers and when the enclosed video leaps into life with your message, believe me, you will have their attention.

To find out how you can reach your fundraising targets, give us a call at Razor and we’ll donate some serious time and effort to your cause.


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