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Are you ready to reconnect with clients?

Are you ready to reconnect with clients?
December 4, 2021 Brendan Farrugia
Reconnect with Clients

Australia is getting back-to-business. That’s great news. What mightn’t be quite so rosy, is the mad rush that follows.

After a prolonged lockdown, businesses will want to leap out of the blocks and get back to what they do best. If last year’s lockdown end at Razor was any indication, we’ll be inundated with requests for videos and video brochures.

We’re by no means complaining but we think it’s worth sharing with you that the line will be long and the earlier you act the more chance we’ll have of helping you reconnect with your clients.

The go-slow holiday season will be on our doorstep. Chinese New Year follows shortly after. That means our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen shuts shop ‘til the very last firecracker goes off signalling and end to celebrations.

2022 promises to be a much-welcomed return to normal, so act early and you’ll hopefully be up and riding on a new-found wave of optimism.

Contact us today at Razor Video Brochures to discuss how we can help you ride that wave when the floodgates finally open.


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