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5 ways to get the most out of your video campaign

5 ways to get the most out of your video campaign
February 20, 2019 Brendan Farrugia

As you know razor video brochures is extremely passionate about video and whilst we aren’t a video production house we do try and assist our clients in this space when we can.

Over the journey we have witnessed a lot of businesses realising they need video but think that that is it.  They engage a production house, tell them what they are after and once it is completed think the sales flow through the door… believe you me we wish it was that simple.  

What you will find with the really great videos and the companies behind them, is they build their message around the ‘why ‘ of their brand.  They have an overarching theme and then communicate that message precisely to their target market… but there is more to it than that.

Today in such a cluttered market you need to not only create brand content that breaks through the noise but to demonstrate its effectiveness, it needs to be measureable.  

Here are the steps to a great video marketing campaign…

1. Begin with the end in mind and before filming have a concept attached to a clear goal or action.  Determine exactly what it is you want your viewers to do.

2. You must drive an emotional response, so create a compelling story that tugs on heart strings and engages people.

 3. Build a landing page that features your video. Why? Because video helps your story and messages get cut through.  It is a sure way to kick start your campaigns.

4. Measure the data to understand performance.  Be aware of click through rates, average time on the page and how many users watched the video.  With careful testing and analysing of this data you can constantly tweak to get better results over time.

5.  Follow up those customers that engaged with you by nurturing them through your marketing automation platforms.

Use these steps to support your brand and drive quality leads and importantly create a video that is fun… because nothing will promote your business to potential customers more than this.

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