Our core belief is to share the knowledge so you have complete comfort in our business, our processes and the management of your order. Here are the answers to our most common faq’s

Q: Why video brochures?

A: The ability to engage your audience increases significantly with video. You can include more content, simplify complex propositions or just plain inform and entertain in a way static imagery can’t.

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Q: Why not email clients?

A: Unlike the emails that bombard us daily, video brochures are delivered creating greater impact. They’re portable, don’t need a connection, and can be viewed multiple times by more than one person.

Q: Who uses video brochures?

A: The categories are too numerous to list. Suffice to say – any business or association wanting to connect with audiences in an impactful way that can’t be replicated by static imagery or more traditional means.

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Q: What styles and features are available?

A: Any print treatment in just about any size can be utilised to enhance your communication. Videos can be auto-play, manual buttons or even touch screen. The creative possibilities when combining print with video are near limitless.

Q: What technology does it employ?

A: Razor Video Brochures only use the latest LCD embedded screens in various resolutions along with functionalities ranging from auto play to full user control.

Q: Pricing?

A: With so many creative possibilities there is no one price fits all. Once your requirements are established, we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Q: Who does the creative?

A: We can but in most instances we’ll supply your creative resource with all the relevant details and design considerations they need to move forward.

Q: Lead times?

A: Depending on the complexity but standard lead times can be as short as 3-weeks and for the more involved productions – anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

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Q: Ordering?

A: Call Razor Video Brochures on 1300 863 444 or email info@razorvideobrochures.com.au

Q: Support?

A: Our support team will promptly address any questions you may have.



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